About Us

Thank you for your interest in Kropp Photography, and for wanting to know a little bit more about us. Working with fun, outgoing people who appreciate the value of great photographs and also have a real passion for life is what we absolutely love to do. There is nothing better - except for maybe the reactions and emotions that we get to see when you see your images for the first time. Seeing that kind of happiness is why we do this.

Smiles and laughter...a loving embrace...a gentle touch of the hand...a long deep look into your eyes that says it all without saying a word - all of these are memories and moments that are irreplaceable - unless they are captured forever!

"Her name is Samantha, my name is Brian - and we are Kropp Photography."

What We Do

We get to create art for you - we use light and time as the tools of our trade to capture each and every precious moment as it unfolds. When you combine those things with emotions like love and happiness, and mix in some random laughter and silliness, you end up with something very personal and one of a kind.

We work with the most amazing clients - our clients become our friends. Experience has taught us that in order to capture the most genuine heartfelt images, you need to be both comfortable and relaxed with us before you can be comfortable and relaxed in front of our cameras. Whether it is candid or posed, wedding photography or studio portraits, we want to catch the real you.

Our clients trust us to be a part of the most important moments of their lives - each portrait service we offer is special in it's own unique way, and each one captures a different part of life. Thank you for giving us this time to tell you a little bit about ourselves and about what we can do for you. We look forward to working with you, and connecting with you. Feel free to reach out and just say "Hello"

Capture Forever with Kropp Photography

Your friends behind the lens,
Brian & Samantha

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