Print Products

Take a look at a few of the different print products that we offer, and find out more about how to beautifully display all of your new images!


Wall art Canvases in Kropp Photography Portrait Studio

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Fine Art Canvases

We offer many different sizes and styles of canvases to choose from, and we will help you select the perfect canvas so you can display it and enjoy it for years to come.


Custom Sample Album on Display at Kropp Photography Portrait Studio

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Custom Portrait Albums

Custom Portrait Albums are one of the signature products that we offer at Kropp Photography. Our Albums can come in an array of colors, styles, layouts and designs. We work hand in hand with you to design your album from the type of cover you will love to the amount of spreads inside and all the other options that you can choose from. You will have a piece of art that you and your family can literally cherish for generations.


Fine Art Metal Print Sample Inside Kropp Photography Portrait Studio

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Fine Art Metal Prints

We offer a new and unique way to display your images - Metal Prints! The color intensity and high quality of these metal prints are truly remarkable, and they have to be seen to be appreciated. Ask us about our fine art metal prints today!


white Italian leather folio display box with images in white mats | Kropp Photography

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Folio Display Box

Another of our signature products is our Folio Display Box. This Folio Display Box is hand crafted from the finest Italian leather, and the quality is unmathced. It's not only a storage box, but it is also a display case that you can use to display your individual portraits in your home. Whether its on your mantle or your bookshelf (or even your coffee table), your images will be safe and protected while also being tastefully displayed for you to view and enjoy. 


Fine Art Prints on Reveal Wall Inside Kropp Photography Portrait Studio

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Heirloom Fine Art Prints

You need to exist in photos! You deserve to have actual prints that can be touched and held and displayed beautifully in your home. Our prints are archival quality and will last a lifetime, and can be cherished and enjoyed for generations to come. We would love to discuss the different options we offer for all your heirloom print needs, including custom framing and hanging. Want to know more? Contact us today. 

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