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The Old Courthouse Engagement Photos with Jordan & Joe

Joe and Jordan at The Old Courthouse in Cleveland

When it comes to all of the things that go into making a fantastic engagement photo session, Joe and Jordan checked all the boxes for their Old Courthouse engagement photos.

Location? Nailed it.

Style? Crushed it.

Connection? As real as it gets.

Take a look at this gallery and we think you’ll agree that Jordan and Joe absolutely killed it at The Old Courthouse, and that their upcoming wedding gallery is going to be one that you won’t want to miss seeing.

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Jordan & Joe at The Old Courthouse in Cleveland - Engagement Gallery

Getting to Know You

Getting to know our couples by spending time with them prior to their wedding day is something that is very important to us as photographers. On a wedding day, things are typically all planned out, organized, and there is a general timeline to follow.

During an engagement session though, things can be much more loose, the couple can get comfortable in front of the camera without feeling the pressure of hundreds of their closest friends and family weighing them down or distracting them. We take our time, show them how we operate as photographers, guide them through the engagement session process and give our couples some insight on what they can generally expect on their wedding day as well.

Walking into an engagement session and already feeling like you know the couple and have a connection with them is a huge plus. That is exactly what happened with Jordan and Joe, and that comfort level was present from the time we first met with them. Their demeanor, their style, their personalities and their excitement for photography in general all felt like a perfect fit for us almost immediately.

Once in front of the camera at The Old Courthouse in downtown Cleveland, these two were simply naturals. Their own energy and their connection is evident in the gallery. They love being in each others space and are comfortable there, and it’s a joy to photograph and experience.

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The Couple & The Old Courthouse

The Old Courthouse in Cleveland is an iconic building with unbelievably stunning architecture and design elements that are a dream to photograph, and when you have a couple like Joe and Jordan that are not only comfortable with each other and connected in a way that shows itself on camera, it makes the session just flow that much more organically. These two not only dressed the part, but their expressions and body language matched as well, creating some really great moments between the two of them.

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Striking a Pose

Having The Old Courthouse in downtown Cleveland all to ourselves for this session was amazing. It allowed us to move around and utilize different parts of the space while also giving us different opportunities to position our couple and see what happens. 

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Taking It To the Lake

Cleveland weather is oftentimes unpredictable, but when it cooperates and decides not to storm during our shoot, it can be a real thing of beauty.

We decided to head down to Lake Erie and visit Edgewater Park, as well as a visit to the Historic Cleveland Coast Guard Station for a look around and for some really unique photo opportunities.

Joe and Jordan were completely committed and were up for anything…including walking along the wall right over the lake. You can even see one of the Cleveland Harbor lighthouses making a cameo appearance from a distance.

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Right Place, Right Time

These two. This moment. What else really needs to be said?

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Cleveland For the Win

Ending our night with some shots of our couple on the new walkway bridge that is part of the Whiskey Island Connector Trail did not disappoint, as we were able to incorporate some new and old Cleveland icons, including Key Tower downtown, off in the distance.

To Joe and Jordan, we cannot wait to spend your wedding day with you, and we cannot wait to capture it for you so that you may relive the story for years and years to come.

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Joe and Jordan at The Old Courthouse in Cleveland

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