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John & Susanna | Orthodox Wedding at St. John's Church | Warren, Ohio

Orthodox Wedding Ceremony with Bride and Groom Under Stunning Gold Chandelier | by Kropp Photography
The Stunning Orthodox Wedding of John & Susanna
Orthodox Wedding with Bride Standing Under Gold Chandelier Holding Her Wedding Bouquet
Susanna, the Stunning New Bride

Samantha and I knew as soon as we met John and Susanna that their wedding day was going to be something special, but we could also tell that they had a special connection. We learned very quickly that they absolutely did share a very unique story as to how they met and how they fell in love, and that they wear their feelings on their sleeves for each other.

It brings a smile to my face as I type this.

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Enjoy John and Susanna’s Orthodox Wedding at St. John’s Church followed by their reception and party at the Grand Resort at the Avalon Inn.

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Orthodox Wedding at St. John's Church

Before the Ceremony

The day for John and Susanna started off very differently for each of them. While Susanna got her hair and make-up done at Salon 46, her soon to be husband was getting in some exercise in and around The Grand Resort at Avalon Inn.

John and his best man got in some tennis, throwing the football around in the parking lot, and they even got in some board games! 

Susanna and her mother looked so happy as her mom helped her put on her gorgeous and timeless wedding dress. Her wedding flowers were equally as beautiful. Having such an intimate wedding party consisting of only Susanna’s Maid of Honor and John’s Best Man made it a very special part of the day. 

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The First Look

A lot of our couples choose to do what is called a “first look”, and it allows the couple to have some very intimate moments that they get to share before the craziness of the day sets in.

The first look also gives Samantha and I an opportunity to spend a little bit more one-on-one time with just our clients on their wedding day, before the hustle and the bustle of the day truly take over.


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The Bride & Groom

We absolutely loved being able to catch some of these couples portraits of our bride and groom at The Avalon Inn and on the Avalon Lakes golf course. It made for a stunning backdrop that was perfect for our couple. 

This was early January, so John and Susanna toughed out the short outdoor session, and looked amazing doing it.

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Timeless Orthodox Wedding Ceremony

If you have never seen an Orthodox wedding ceremony in all of it’s splendor, do yourself a favor and check one out. The symbolism and the artwork displayed inside the sanctuary of St. John’s Orthodox Church in Warren, Ohio is breathtaking.

John and Susanna’s Orthodox wedding ceremony was full of traditional aspects and it was a joy to capture. The singing, the presentation of the crowns, the candles, and all of the other different moments of the ceremony were so unique and special, and you could see the joy and the love in the bride and grooms faces.

I just love the looks that Susanna gave her soon-to-be husband as they stood at the alter.

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Hot Dog Shoppe...Yes Please!

These few photos here are just a few more examples of why Sam and I just loved working with John and Susanna. They were so much fun!

We are northeast Ohio natives ourselves, and when it comes to hot dogs, no one even questions where to go – The Hot Dog Shoppe in Warren. John and Susanna insisted on having some dogs during their wedding day, and we were all for it.

They love the Hot Dog Shoppe so much that they even had delivery at the end of the reception so that we ALL could enjoy some hot dogs.

Full disclosure, I ate more than I should have. Picture me, running around with my camera in one hand, and a hot dog in the other. That was me…maybe two to three (or four) times.

Don’t judge me…they were delicious!

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The Avalon Inn Reception

From the moment we arrived at the Avalon Inn for the reception, we knew it was going to be a Par-tay, and I mean a bash. John and Susanna met as college students at THE Ohio State University, and not only that, they met as band members! These two were BOTH members of the best damn band in the land, and there was no shortage of Ohio State alums and fellow band members who were there to support their friends.

Chants of O-H-I-O could be heard throughout the night, “Sweet Caroline” was placed at least a few times, and of course to end the evening, the entire group locked arms to sing their Alma Mater, “Carmen”.

Thank you to all of the people that made this amazing wedding day so much fun, and so unforgettable.

When you get to work with such wonderful people, it’s no surprise that the day goes by so quickly and so smoothly. Here’s to a long and happy marriage to John and Susanna.

Congrats you two!


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– Samantha & Brian Kropp

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