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Preserving Your Love Story

From Today’s Joy to Tomorrow’s Heirloom – Your Wedding in Timeless Frames

When the sun has set and the last guest has departed, what remains are memories – and photographs.

At Kropp Photography, we are passionate about turning the fleeting moments into a timeless legacy. Our photography goes beyond merely capturing the day; we craft a visual narrative that weaves your unique love story into each image.

From the vibrant petals of your wedding bouquet to the joyous laughter during your first dance, we ensure that the essence of your celebration is immortalized in our cinematic and romantic photography style.

Experience wedding photography that delivers not just timeless photographs, but heirloom-quality pieces of art that will be cherished for years to come.

Wedding Photography



Always Includes

  • Two Professional Photographers
  • Timeline Assistance
  • Custom Wedding Album
  • Engagement Session Fee Waiver
  • Boudoir Session Fee Waiver
  • Artwork Customization Appointment
  • Personalized Gallery Website for Sharing

What To Expect

1. Let's Meet
The first step in our process is to fill out a simple consultation form. When you fill out a form, it provides us with basic yet essential information about you and your wedding. From there, we will schedule a time for you to come into our studio or set up a zoom consultation. This gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and also gives us the opportunity to determine your coverage needs. We also share plenty of artwork samples so that you are able to see the outstanding quality and plan ahead for any artwork selections down the road.
2. Reserve Your Date
Once we've had a chance to meet, and you decide you'd like to move forward, the next step is to reserve your wedding date. It’s important to note that we only accept a limited number of weddings per year and that we don’t have associate teams that we send out in our stead. Once dates are reserved they are marked off to others inquiring, To secure your date, a retainer is required to confirm your booking with us - but also to provide peace of mind that your day is reserved exclusively for you.
3. Your Engagement Session
An engagement session is an essential part of the wedding photography experience, offering a unique opportunity for us to collaborate before the whirlwind of your wedding day. This session is not just about creating beautiful images; it’s a chance for us to build a rapport and understand your dynamics as a couple. It helps in easing any camera shyness and ensures a smoother, more natural interaction on the big day. Moreover, the engagement shoot is a perfect way to infuse your personal style and story into the imagery. Together, we plan everything from the wardrobe to the overall tone of the session, tailoring it to reflect your unique relationship.
4. Wedding Details
Along the way we will assist you in creating a relaxed and enjoyable timeline for your wedding day. Not only do we have over a decade of experience photographing weddings, Samantha’s previous experience in wedding coordination is helpful in creating realistic timing for all of the days events. In addition, we are there to assist in whatever other questions that arise for you during the planning process.
5. Your Wedding Day
If you look at our reviews, one of the praises commonly mentioned is that how much we helped to keep the day on track. Not only are we there to document you beautiful love story, we are there to set you at ease and guide you through your day. We strive to blend in and be unobtrusive during heartfelt moments while stepping in to take control of the situation when it’s necessary. Our goal is to help you to have a relaxed wedding day where you can bask in the joy of the day, all while we capture those moments for you.
6. Photo Premiere
Prior to your wedding, in most cases, we will reserve a date 4-6 weeks after your wedding day to join us at our studio for your photo premiere. At your premiere you are greeted with refreshments ,music and asked to cuddle up in our dedicated premiere space. Enjoy a slideshow with all of your photographs from beginning to end allowing you to reminisce on your day. After the slideshow we will talk about your album and show you options for upgrades and additions. We will also discuss any large scale artwork for your walls or gifts you are considering for family. You will take home a link to your online gallery and a USB of your wedding photographs for archive.
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Brittany Z.
Brittany Z.
Venue - Gervasi Vineyard
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"Words can't describe the amazing experience my husband and I had working with Brian and Sam, but I will do my best.

Even before our consultation, when I saw their gallery online I immediately wanted to book based off of their pictures alone. After meeting and getting to know Brian and Sam, we knew having them become our photographers for our special day was meant to be. Brian and Sam are professionals and they care about the integrity of their work. They go above and beyond their duty as photographers to ensure you have the best day.

Brian - It was shocking for me to find out you are the mastermind behind the best wedding gown train flat lay I have ever seen. Your dedication to making it look the best did not go unnoticed. Eric says thank you for assisting him with prepping his suit. Sam - thank you for creating the perfect timeline for our day, we never felt rushed and with every next activity we needed to do felt like a very simple and stress free transition. Thank you for helping me in the "getting ready" room when I needed extra assistance. Also thanks for reminding me I needed to cut the cake and making sure I did it (lol my mom told me) it was so special and I'm glad I didn't miss out on it.

Thank you both for accommodating some of our last minute changes, especially after the ceremony, for spearheading and directing our family members when we needed more time after the ceremony than expected, for bringing us food and water when we needed it during that time.

It was a blast working with you two, and very admirable to see how well you both work together in the process. Your energy, passion, and teamwork was inspirational to witness, especially on our wedding day as Eric and I are now a team!

On behalf of Eric, our families and myself we can't thank you both enough. We are eternally grateful for having you both be a part of our wedding day and contributing to make it the most special and magical day of our lives so far. And we haven't even received our pictures yet! Lol.

You both deserve so much success in your future endeavors, I only see great things to come."
Alexandria C.
Alexandria C.
Venue - Stambaugh Auditorium
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"The amount of thought and care that Brian and Samantha put into their craft is unbelievably mind blowing! When we got engaged, and the planning started all I said was "I'm not going to be picky about anything or ask for anything crazy but, I WILL have perfect pictures no matter the cost" and that was perfectly executed by Kropp Photography!

Starting from the first time I met them at a wedding show I couldn't get their artwork out of my mind. They didn't have just good pictures they had AMAZING photos!! When choosing Kropp you will absolutely have breathtaking pictures to cherish for the rest of your life. Their photography style is unique and unlike any others.

My husband and I don't take pictures that often and they made us look like we've been doing this for years! If you're nervous about posing and what to do? Don't worry, they have it all taken care of and will kindly walk you through poses that will make you look like a seasoned professional!

Wedding Day-they were an absolute key part of our beautiful wedding going extremely smooth! Having two people in one was something you'd never thought you needed. Samantha helped us girls out and made sure all the detail pictures were done to perfection! Brian stuck it out with the guys (who don't wear suits often) and helped them more than I could imagine! All my husband kept saying after the wedding was "thank god Brian was there because I had no idea what I was doing!"

They were extremely organized and made sure that all the pictures we wanted to have were done special were done without a question! Pictures to me are everything when it comes to important events like this. You want the best because you need the best! You want to be proud and excited to show off your day to any and everyone, and with photos like the ones Kropp Photography puts out, you won't hesitate to leave that album on the coffee table as a conversation piece!

The experience- to see our engagement and wedding pictures BOTH times were extremely special. The thought, love, and care that went into each reveal was amazing! Beverages, snacks, and good company. You forget that YOU are the one being featured in the artwork around you, that's how editorial their pictures look like. The artwork they produce is all tother stunning, gorgeous, and timeless! Also, the atmosphere these two create simply cannot be ignored. They make the entire journey an experience, not a chore on the list.

From our engagement session to the wedding it was merely perfection! I have not one complaint and that's a lot coming from me. I could rave about them forever it seems like and thats something that you need in your photographers. All in all they simply are just amazing and good hearted people that have your best interest in mind always! Quality people, Quality pictures, and a Quality experience!
Katelynn B.
Katelynn B.
Venue - Silver Lake Country Club
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"I met Samantha and Brian at a bridal show, they were so friendly and their photography looked amazing. Since the day I booked them for our wedding they have given us such an amazing experience.

We did an engagement shoot with them and the photos were amazing. They had them printed out on display when we got to their studio and I didn’t even realize they were us at first. I got a metal print of one of the engagement photos which is so cool and looks great!

They were a huge help in the planning process and were extremely honest and gave their opinions which was really appreciated since they have seen so many weddings. They created our timeline and kept our entire wedding day on track - I don’t know what we would have done without them. They were so nice to everyone and fit in so well with everyone on the wedding day.

Our wedding photo reveal was so much fun. They had popcorn out and offered champagne while we watched all of our photos in a slideshow on TV. The pictures turned out better than I ever imagined. They truly captured every single detail and moment of our day so beautifully. There were some pictures I was shocked to even see because I didn’t even know they were around at times. They did an amazing job at blending in with everyone and it never felt like we had cameras right on top of us.

I had so many people telling me how amazing the photographers were before they even saw any pictures - that is just how awesome they are. They are great people who really care about what they do and it shows. We cannot wait to receive our wedding album and canvas print from them!"
Tyler K.
Tyler K.
Venue - Tall Oaks Resort
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"We used Brian and Samantha for our wedding and engagement photographers and can't say enough good things about them. Throughout the entire process before the wedding they were helpful and responsive answering our questions and it goes without saying that the engagement pictures they created are stunning. Everyone we showed the pictures to was blown away at the quality and composition of them.

Now as good as they are before the wedding, it's on the day of the wedding that they really shine. Brian can joke around with my friends while we're getting ready that it doesn't feel like you have a photographer following you around, he was like one of our friends, just with a camera. Brian and Samantha's ability to keep us on schedule and get pictures done in a timely fashion was incredible, we got nothing but compliments on them for their organization, and professionalism. I can't recommend them highly enough for your wedding pictures."
Robert R.
Robert R.
Venue - Michaud's Event Center
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"Simply AMAZING. They went above and beyond for our wedding. Hell, they practically ran it! Photos are top notch and the overall experience is outstanding. I can’t recommend them enough! 10 out of 5 stars"
Michael T.
Michael T.
Venue - Akron Art Museum
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"Absolutely loved working with Samantha and Brian. The couple made the day enjoyable and kept us on track. Their creativity and professionalism are evident in their work. We would highly recommend them to family and friends."
Ali S.
Ali S.
Venue - Tenk West Bank
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"Brian and Samantha at Kropp Photography were the perfect choice for our wedding. We felt comfortable with them from our very first conversation at the Bridal Fair, our wonderful engagement session in Columbus, our magical wedding day and through our grand reveal session where they unveiled the most beautiful memories ever.

Our wedding day went by in a second and capturing all of the special moments was very important to us. After looking at Kropp’s online portfolio we knew that they would do a good job, but the photos they took at our wedding exceeded our expectations! They caught every little detail and did it all without being obtrusive or obvious, just catching the moments as they happened. Thanks to both of you for helping us document and remember our special day!"
Lea O.
Lea O.
Venue - The Arcade Cleveland
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KROPP KILLED IT!!!! We are so SO happy with all the beautiful pictures they took and how crisp and dramatic they were! They were literally so awesome that day of the wedding they knew exactly what to do and had everything plan planned for us! Definitely recommend!!
Kara H.
Kara H.
Venue - Bella Amore on Enchanted Acres
Read More
So so so happy we chose Kropp photography for our wedding day! Brian and Samantha were so amazing to work with! They did an engagement shoot prior to our big day and the pictures were amazing. We got our wedding pictures back and we were shocked. They were so beautiful! Everything I imagined my wedding pictures to be!

If you’re looking for a team that is easy to work with, super fun and does the BEST pictures... CHOOSE THEM!
Victoria T.
Victoria T.
Venue - Stambaugh Auditorium
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"We had Kropp for our wedding last year and it was the best decision we ever made! Kropp made everything so easy and so much fun!! From morning to night they made sure everything was taken care of and really heard us on what we wanted! Brian and Samatha are such amazing people which made it so much more memorable! They made sure they made connections with us so on the day of the wedding we were so comfortable!

Getting our engagement pictures were Beautiful so no doubt we knew our wedding photos would be gorgeous. And they were! Soon as I saw just 1 I cried. They are phenomenal & I am so fortunate that we have those photos to look back at.

If you are searching for a great wedding photographer, look no further!! They are THE BEST ❤️"

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Our photographic style is crafted to authentically reflect the mood, environment, and colors of your special day. We aim for you to look back at your photographs and be instantly transported to those moments – the vibrant hues of your wedding bouquet, the intricate details of your dress, and the brilliance of the blue sky.

Our approach is timeless, cinematic, and infused with romance, ensuring that your memories are preserved in the most beautiful way. Expect a harmonious blend of candid shots, brimming with genuine emotion, and elegantly composed portraits illuminated with cinematic lighting.

Our journey into wedding photography began shortly after our own wedding in 2015.

Now, as we approach a decade in this business, we feel honored to have been a part of hundreds of couples’ special days. This experience has not only deepened our understanding of wedding photography but also enriched our appreciation for these once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Samantha’s background in the wedding industry, both as a bridal coordinator and a freelance editor prior to 2015, has been invaluable in shaping our approach to capturing your most cherished memories.

Each wedding we photograph is more than just a job for us; it’s a reflection of our passion and a continuation of our own love story.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of viewing a complete gallery from ANY photographer you’re considering for your wedding. It’s a crucial step in ensuring their style aligns with your vision.

After our initial consultation, where we learn more about the mood and style of your wedding, we’ll provide you with galleries that closely match your setting. It’s vital to see examples from venues similar to yours. For instance, if you’re planning an indoor church wedding in a low-light environment, it’s essential to view photographs taken under similar conditions.

This approach ensures that you have a clear and realistic expectation of how your own wedding memories will be captured, reflecting the unique atmosphere of your special day.

Our wedding photography experience always includes: Two Professional Lead Photographers, Wedding Day Timeline Assistance, a Custom Designed Wedding Album, a Complimentary Engagement Session, a Complimentary Boudoir or Bridal Experience Session, Artwork Customization Appointment and Personalized Gallery Website for ease of downloading/sharing, and a Crystal USB Digital Gallery.

Hours of coverage are completely customizable depending on your needs. During your consultation we will discuss your wedding day plans, go over a rough timeline and together determine how many hours would be needed to provide coverage to create and capture a full wedding day story.

You will receive your beautifully retouched wedding day photographs through two convenient methods: a USB flash drive and a personalized online gallery.

The online gallery is designed for easy downloading and sharing, allowing you to effortlessly share your cherished memories with friends and family. We wholeheartedly encourage you to spread the joy of your special day with the world!

Additionally, any images you purchase from your engagement and other pre-wedding photo sessions will be provided in the same manner, ready for you to enjoy and to share.

Kropp Photography does own and retain all copyrights on all photographs and galleries that we deliver, but that does not prevent you from sharing and/or printing your photographs, per our contract.

We are happy to provide more information upon request. 

Our typical editing timeline is 4-6 weeks following your wedding day.

In most cases, we arrange a special premiere viewing at our studio, which we aim to schedule prior to your wedding. During this exclusive premiere, you’ll be treated to a beautifully crafted slideshow of your images, presented in chronological order.

This is not just a viewing experience; it’s also an opportunity for you to customize your wedding album and select any additional artwork you desire. This session is designed to be a memorable part of your wedding journey, allowing you to relive those precious moments while adding a personal touch to your keepsakes

Absolutely! We are delighted to offer a range of Pre-Wedding Sessions, including Engagement, Boudoir, and Bridal photography.

For our wedding clients, we waive the session fees for these photography services, providing you with an added value.

Please note that while the session fees are complimentary, images and artwork from these sessions are sold separately. This approach allows you to choose exactly what you love and want to keep from these special pre-wedding moments

We require a retainer to reserve your date, along with a signed contract. The remainder of your balance (depending on your custom wedding day coverage) is due 60 days prior to your wedding date.

All of our contracts can be sent & signed digitally, and once your retainer and your signed contract are received, your wedding date is secure. Your remaining payments (if necessary) can be made in whatever way is most convenient for you. 

On average, our wedding clients generally plan to invest anywhere between $3,000-$9,000 with us on photography services and artwork.

The average client investment range varies widely, and is based solely on optional artwork upgrades and add-ons, as well as adding on additional photography services and experiences.

Every wedding client has the opportunity to add on additional wedding day hours, additional photography experiences and services (such boudoir, bridal, etc.), and the OPTION to purchase additional artwork and/or upgrade their included artwork at any time – such as custom designed heirloom quality albums, heirloom quality prints, stand-alone wall art pieces, custom wall art gallery collections that include complimentary delivery and installation, as well as unique and exclusive items only offered at our studio.

We provide up-front pricing for all of our couples during their initial consultation, and there is no pressure or obligation. 

We specialize exclusively in wedding photography and portrait photography, and we do not currently offer videography services.

We believe photography and videography are distinct artistic mediums, each requiring dedicated focus and expertise. We have chosen to concentrate our talents on capturing your special moments through the art of photography.

While we do not offer videography services directly, we understand the importance of preserving every aspect of your day. Therefore, we are pleased to provide our clients with a carefully curated list of talented videographers we’ve collaborated with in the past, ensuring you have access to the best services for your wedding day memories.


We understand the importance of formal group photos/family group photos and we are more than happy to collaborate with you to ensure these shots meet your expectations.

However, when it comes to other specific shot requests, we gently discourage them. Our focus is on capturing the genuine, spontaneous moments of your day, and constantly referring to a list can detract from our ability to do so.

You’ve chosen us for our expertise in capturing the natural flow and unique essence of your wedding, and we strive to honor that trust. Rest assured, standard shots like the first kiss and other quintessential moments are always included in our coverage.

If there are any unique or non-traditional shots you have in mind, we encourage discussing these during your consultation. We’ll make a note of any such special requests to ensure they’re captured on your big day.

Our approach to photography is all about creating a relaxed and comfortable environment for you.

We understand that being in front of the camera can sometimes feel daunting, which is why we prioritize making you feel at ease. Our style is unobtrusive and natural; we guide you gently through the process with a blend of subtle direction and candid captures. This way, we can ensure your expressions and poses look as natural and authentic as possible.

We believe the best photographs are those where you’re simply being yourselves, and we’re there to capture those genuine moments of joy, love, and laughter. During your shoot, we’ll engage with you in a friendly and supportive manner, ensuring a fun and enjoyable experience that translates into beautiful, natural photographs.

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